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DiskPart GUI – Update

Almost two years ago I wanted to create a DiskPart graphic user interface (GUI) tool for all of my colleagues that do not like command line as much as I do. I used PowerShell to build a DISKPART script to automatically format USB drives as bootable. This script has been posted in a blog with title “DiskPart GUI PowerShell”  and since then it has been downloaded more than 1000 times.

Today, in this blog, I give you an updated script that I hope will be a nice addition to your existing PowerShell scripts and tools, particularly for your Bootable Windows PE USB Drives.

The start page is shown in the picture 1; on the left side you can view the information about detected computer’s drives and on the right side you can select one – and just one – option from a set of partition alternatives.

DiskPartGUI_StartPicture 1: Format Disk Utility start page

To format a drive with selected partition style, please select a drive and then select one partition option as shown in the picture 2. In my example, I selected drive 2 and recommended UEFI\GPT partition to format my external USB drive.

DiskPartGUI_SelectDrivePicture 2: Select disk drive and partition layout MBR or GPT

You have to click on Format Disk button and confirm you choice to start DiskPart and formatting process (as shown in the picture below).

DiskPartGUI_ConfirmSelectionPicture 3: confirm drive selection and partition style

Finally, the second text box becomes visible on the left side and displays the result of all actions produced by DiskPart application.

DiskPartGUI_FormatDrivePicture 4: the second rich text box displays the result of DiskPart actions

This script could be found in the downloaded section – folder Application. Hopefully it will reach thousand downloads just as its predecessor.